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2022-2024 PTA Board


Melanie Johnson


Hi, my name is Melanie Johnson, and I've been a #PullenPride parent for 8 years. My involvement in the PTA is crucial in giving me a voice and shows my kids, they matter.


Asmeret Habteab-Baker

Middle School Vice-President/ Treasurer

Hi, my name is  Asmeret Habteab-Baker and I have been a Pullen parent for 8 years. Being a PTA member is important to me because I believe we all should be involved in some way to advance progress for our students, staff, parents, and school system.


Erica Starnes


My Name is Erica Starnes and I have been a Pullen parent for 3 years. I joined the PTA to help bridge the gap between everyone involved with shaping the lives of my son and the students.


Janice Cornish

Communication Secretary

My name is Janice Cornish and I have been a Pullen parent for 9 years. I served as the TGP secretary for 2 years. I currently serve as and the TGP communication secretary for the 2021-2023 administration. My goal is to make sure that parents are informed with all the vital information to be involved in their child's academic lives and strengthen their parent-student-teacher relationships at Pullen.

Meet The PTA Board: Staff
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